Cool Grooming with the Oster Octane Review

Cool Grooming with the Oster Octane Review

As you all know I travel a lot. I basically live out of my suitcase. There are some instances where I have to cut my own hair as I cant make it to my barber. As I am not a big fan of cords cluttering up my suitcase I was pleased to find a set of Oster Octane cordless hair clippers on a barber shop directory. These were the perfect option for me as I don’t even have to bring the charging base with me. I just charge them at home and throw them in the suit case on my way out. The battery last for way longer than I need to cut my own hair. I have made a total of 10 trips so far over the last year in which I brought my Oster Octane’s with me and it has never failed me.

Cutting My Hair With an Oster Octane

So here is what I do. I put one hair clipper card on the Octane’s and go all around my head until its even. That’s it. I then remove the guard to trim my beard to the desired length. What I like about this method is that it is almost impossible to mess up on the hair cut. The guard keeps the hair at the length you want and makes sure you are even. This is a simple way to maintain your style when you are jet setting around the world.

Battery Power of the Oster Octane

This is the most awesome aspect of the Oster Octane cordless hair clipper. I have taken it on a total of 10 trips and used it every time without it dying out on me in the middle of a cut. It is as simple as just putting it on the charger when you are home and taking it off when you leave. Now I cant speak for someone who might use them for professional hair cutting as I have not used them for 8 hours straight but the Oster Octane comes with an interchangeable battery that can be charged while you are using the other battery. This is pretty awesome as I bring the extra batter with me just in case but I haven’t had to use it as of yet.